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Ohr HaTorah

The last few years have seen a period of rapid growth within Somerton, with families and young couples moving in, and the formation of a program for baal teshuva bochurim returning from Eretz Yisroel. It became clear that there was a need for a new shul to match that growth, and take it even further. With that in mind, and with the encouragement and backing of the entire community, Ohr HaTorah was formed under the leadership of Rabbi Meir Riber.

Our Mission

Ohr HaTorah starts with a beautiful and uplifting davening experience, but goes so much further. From Rav Riber’s inspiring and poignant talks, to post-davening learning sessions, there is an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm that permeates the minyan, uniting all the members in a common goal. This is a shul that everyone can call home, including our significant contingent of baalei teshuva who find a natural and nurturing space for their further growth. This is a place where the mispallelim are encouraged to take active roles in being mashpia, where spontaneous breakout chavrusos and learning groups between mincha and maariv are not uncommon and have become a regular part of the OHT experience. This is an environment where the warmth and light of everything we do together transcends the walls of the shul and becomes a part of our life.

Our Future

Ohr HaTorah has so much yet to do in servicing the existing kehila, and in assisting the community with further growth, but we cannot do it without you. We are in the middle of renovating a house to serve as a makom for our mikdash me’at, but funds are desperately needed to help us get there, and help us with our ongoing expenses in servicing the kehilla, maintaining programs and creating new ones. Please join us in our vision and success and become a partner in our future!

Partner with us to BUILD Ohr HaTorah in Somerton, Philadelphia | Frum Philly

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